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There are countless fantasy games and novels out there. But what do they have in common? Most are inspired by European culture. We decided it's time to do something new. Waracle was born.



A tabletop storytelling-based roleplaying game, Waracle is all about creating and playing a story together, with unique characters in epic quests against deadly foes and beasts.


Inspired by Stone through Iron Age technology, Waracle has global roots: Mesoamerica, Mesopotamia, India, Vietnam, Precolumbian North America, and more.


Waracle uses a d10-based ruleset called Classless. Classless is a skill-based system that is quick to learn, but offers plenty of customization for both RPG newbies and vets.


After two years developing the lore and a year designing mechanics, and a year in Alpha testing, Waracle is currently in Public Beta. Download the Beta!



Every setting needs people to populate it. Inspired by peoples across the world and through history, Waracle’s diverse civilizations are its lifeblood that engage players in its setting. Players can choose from one of nine distinct cultures: Quesachi: By far…

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The world of Waracle is vast, spanning a variety of locales from the sweltering jungles of the Redwater Rainforest to the freezing, hostile plains of the Northern Wastes. While there are many lands as of yet undiscovered, the core Waracle…

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Every grand adventure needs its adversaries! Waracle is home to many nasty creatures both mundane and fantastical. Taking inspiration from many mythologies around the world, in Waracle you’ll find monsters both unique and familiar with a new spin. Creatures include…

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Our goal is to blend the old school and new. Waracle embraces both pen-and-paper and digital platforms. Why not take advantage of newer tech and make the game more accessible?

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Beta 1.5 Released!

Busy, but not forgotten! There’s been some significant overhauls to the rules since the last public beta, but we’re really excited to release it to you guys! In addition to a fresher coat of paint on the layout to make…

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Beta 1.1 Is Released

A new release of the Waracle beta is now online! Changes in this version include: Tweaks to some talents and spells for balancing Changing total HP calculation to (END x 2) + Profession bonus Art updates to all chapter splash…

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Big thanks to Cecil-Con!

On April 8th, I demoed and presented the Waracle beta at Cecil-Con. A big thank you to the con staff for having me! It had a great time and would love to return next year!

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Briana Higgins

Lead Designer

Zookie Brass

Lore Designer

Emily Wynn

Creature Designer

Bryan Patten

Game Designer

Andrew Jones

Renaissance Man

Want to know more? | a little about us

Waracle's team started when Briana approached her former college roommate and good friend Emily - and Emily's best friend, Zookie - about creating a new fantasy setting. Inspired by the concept of Atlantis - a super-advanced ancient civilization that fell to ruin, the trio spent the next few years utilizing their respective geek skills to craft the world of Waracle. In 2014, the team added another old friend of Emily's, Bryan, to develop the mechanics of the game's system. Andy is Briana's husband and has been around from the start, wearing whatever hat needs to be worn at the moment.

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