Beta 1.5 Released!

Busy, but not forgotten! There’s been some significant overhauls to the rules since the last public beta, but we’re really excited to release it to you guys! In addition to a fresher coat of paint on the layout to make things easier to read and find, some key rule changes include:

  • Revamp of skill levels – they are now capped by their core attributes for better balancing
  • Removal of professions – too much like classes, we removed the need for them
  • Removal of wealth systems – too clunky, now there are starting item packs instead
  • Perks overhauled – they now include both perks and flaws, and are required for characters. This helps replace benefits of professions
  • Tweaks to talents, new talents added
  • Tweaks to setting up AB, DB, HP and EP
  • New art
  • Better indexing
  • And more!