The Yanter: Warfare

Yanter warfare is not territorial in nature, but rather, as most anything else in their lives, acquiring resources. The goal is to take what you can with minimal losses. As such, Yanter favor quick strikes, ambushes and surprise attacks. Whether by land or sea, they charge in with an element of surprise and brute force, bulldozing anything in their path. This style of attack makes those with a mixture of warrior and scouting skills quite common.

Yanter are hunters first and warriors second; it’s the skill in silently creeping up on their prey and ending the blow quickly with minimum detection that they excel in. Most Yanter fighters use weapons that double as hunting tools, such as a harpoon, clubs, bows, or bolas if they fight from mounts. Basic short swords are also used, though are most often used exclusively during sea raids. When attacking from the sea, the Yanter use ships made of whale skeletons, wood, and leather, creating a navy of veritable undead. These fearsome ships strike terror into the hearts of those unfortunate enough to see them appear on the horizon.