The Maesunja: Warfare

Warfare amongst the Maesunja occurs more as scattered skirmishes, and less large-scale battles. Broken up into thousands of bands – most consisting of 50-100 members – the Camel Lords simply don’t have the social structure or numbers to form a large, unified army. Most combat they encounter are during disputes between other clans that turn violent, fighting over limited resources, or the occasional border skirmish with other nations – primarily the Quesachi.

Despite the lack of a large military, Maesunja are well trained in fighting. Their lives are spent atop their camels; there is no higher skilled mounted cavalry. Nimble and swift in the desert sands and rocky plains alike, Maesunja always treat their camels and sword as an extension of themselves. Due to the often openness of their home terrain, they prefer missile weapons – mainly arrows – over close- range weapons, though all Maesunja men carry a curved dagger at their waist, and some keep swords.

Though not quite as hard-hit for resources as the Yanter, the Maesunja still must make do with scarcity, and will retrieve arrows whenever possible, and repair broken weapons before scrapping them entirely. They rarely wear much armor, though silk is a common enough material for most to wear in combat, due to its light weight and strong durability. Attacking in semi-organized packs and taking advantage of terrain is where the heart of Maesunja battle tactics lie.