The Quesachi: Culture

race-kesachiBy far the dominant society of the known world, the Quesachi run an empire that spans all of Iyoteno and central Teokui. Originally a collection of smaller, often warring kingdoms and empires, the Quesachi united a millennia ago to form their current government.

Quesachi are pragmatic and knowledge-valuing people. They find a purpose for practically anything and anyone, and most find a productive role in society whether working as a simple farmer, or rising to a prominent and respected general. They love debate and public forums, and enjoy the comforts their advanced technology allows them. Some outsiders might consider them disconnected from the environment, but while a Quesachan might not worship the tree on his land, he respects its many potential purposes from firewood to shelter. Their homes tend to be sturdy, practical, but with a simple aesthetic. Decoration is valued, but often dually functional – much of Quesachan art serves a practical function as well as an appealing visage.

Quesachi are focused and dedicated to their work, but are not without a sense of humor. They celebrate many holidays and festivals, and in some regions, workers are still paid in beer rather than hard currency. They enjoy good food and drink as well as educated discussion. After all, even the most dedicated alchemical genius needs a break from his work to unwind, lest his mind unravel instead. Musicians, artists and craftsmen are highly valued, and few homes go without some form of colorful décor.