The world of Waracle is vast, spanning a variety of locales from the sweltering jungles of the Redwater Rainforest to the freezing, hostile plains of the Northern Wastes. While there are many lands as of yet undiscovered, the core Waracle game focuses on four continents:

  •  Tekuachi: the western continent, bordered by the Boneyard Sea to the northeast, the Kihua Sea in the east, and the Azucentlani Ocean to the south and west. It is home to the many Yanter, the Suakchee, Bizeem, Kalvres, Dushum, and Trappers.
  • Iyoteno: the central continent, sometimes called “The Island” though it is thousands of square miles in size. Surrounded by the Kihua sea, it is the heart of the Quesachan Empire.
  • Teokui: Directly east of Iyoteno, this large continent is perhaps the most climatically diverse. In the northwest coastlines, Yanter make their homes, and in the central and southern stretches, the Quesachi claim the rest of their empire.
  • Teowaxi: the lands to the South, connected to Teokui. Home to the Maesunja in the north, it has many lands outside the desert – lands largely unexplored in Waracle base game.